Samuel Etim; Letter to Emefiele

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Dear Mr Emefiele,

My name is Samuel Etim Polycarp. I am 37 years of age. When I was asked to leave my job in 2021 I became very desperate to survive. I almost fell into deep depression. I did not know what to do. No sleep, no food, no work and my marriage was being affected. My brother-in-law sent me a link that talked about the Agri-business Small, Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme. At first, I did not believe it but my wife encouraged me to apply. I am happy to say that I finally applied and about 3 months later I received an SMS credit alert. I ran into my room and cried. I had been through so much. I was overjoyed. I not only got funds but also equipment to enable me to go into farming here in Uyo where I am now known as Mr Farm-for-Africa. Today, I am doing well selling my rice and cassava and although there is room for expansion I am grateful for where I am today. More grease to your elbow, Sir.

---Samuel Etim Polycarp. Akwa Ibom State

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