Philomena Agnes: Letter to Emefiele

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Dear Sir Godwin Emefiele,

Since my husband passed away in 2014, my kids and I have been surviving on the mercy of relatives and strangers. It has been so harrowing. Begging in the morning, begging in the afternoon, begging in the evening. I became like a person with a communicable disease. Then one day after counselling I was walking home when I heard people talking about the Targeted Credit Facility on the radio of my phone. I was very happy. I said if it is true, I must try and apply. The following day I went to the business centre near my house and asked them if they knew about it. They helped me to find more details and finally I applied. I used the money to buy foodstuffs for my children and the rest I used to open a POS kiosk in front of my house. This is my chance to say thank you Sir. My children also greet you, Daddy!

---Philomena Agnes Ilokanma, Imo State.

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